If you are in the food business, keeping the food fresh and healthy is one of your biggest concerns. Some foods require consistent temperature or else they can go bad and can become harmful for health.

Even while you are transporting these food items, they require a constant temperature to prevent the build-up of microorganisms which can lead to many diseases. We have the ultimate solution for all these food items.

The chill freez company offers the chiller van for rent, so you can transport your food items in the safest and temperature-controlled environment. There are different sizes of vans available so you can choose according to your requirement.

Fruits and Vegetables:

There are certain fruits and vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, etc. that require a constant refrigerated temperature to stay fresh. Fresh fruits can be kept at room temperature if used immediately but for long term storage and transport, they need chilled temperature. You can use our chiller van rental service in Dubai for transporting such fruits and vegetables .

Meat, Fish, and poultry:

If kept at proper temperature i.e. 34-40 degrees Fahrenheit, hot dogs, bacon, sausages, and pepperoni can last for up to 7 days.

While raw meat, poultry, and seafood will stay fresh for up to two days. Our chiller van rental service in Dubai is ideal for all such items.

Dairy products and eggs:

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, cheese, etc. are very susceptible to spoilage if not stored and transported at the correct temperature. Eggs can be stored at a cool temperature for up to three weeks.

Choose the chill freez refrigerated fleet for transporting such products.

Frozen foods:

Now many food items are available in frozen forms and can be easily consumed after being microwaved. The low temperature prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms and food can stay safe for human consumption for days.

It is very important to keep such food items at a freezing temperature to prevent food spoilage.

Reliable refrigeration:

As we have already established that these food items are easily perishable, and consistent temperature is very necessary for them to stay fresh. So, to ensure consistent temperature we need very reliable refrigeration.

Best and affordable chiller can rental service in Dubai:

Our chiller van rental is equipped with an amazing cooling system that prevents cooling failures and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the van.

If you are delivering food items to the restaurants or homes, no one will appreciate your service if you will provide them spoilt or unhealthy food. One bad delivery can ruin the reputation of your entire company.

To solve all such worries, the chill freez company comes as a savior. We can ensure you that all your food items will be delivered in the best quality. They will be transported at constant and required temperature and there will be no power failures that can ruin your precious food.

Feel free to visit our website or contact our representatives if we have convinced you to get a chiller van rental service in Dubai for your business.

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