Best Quality Chiller Truck

The Chill Freeze is a leading company for truck rental Dubai and in providing the highest quality refrigerated transport for perishable and temperature dependent products. All such goods require the special vigilance and we as a team of professionals take the utmost care of your goods.
Our chiller trucks are fitted with an advanced cooling system to maintain the temperature and avoid system failures. There are cargo bars and cargo belts to secure goods while transportation.
One of the best and most useful features of our chiller trucks is the moveable partitions. The partitions allow maintenance of different temperature ranges in separate partitions. This feature is very helpful in transporting different types of goods that have distinct and separate temperature requirements in one go. Hence making the delivery hassle-free and very cost-effective.
All our chiller vehicles in UAE are of the best quality and the rent rates are affordable too. We never compromise on the quality of vehicle and our service.

Hire your desired chiller truck for rent at affordable rates:

We offer different types and verities of trucks including the fridge truck, icebox van, chiller van cooler truck with a tail lift, chiller wagon, etc. We also provide trucks and trailers in several sizes so you can have the freedom to choose the size according to the specifications of the goods.
Chill freeze company should be your first choice for chiller truck rental, as we offer most affordable rates and our services are available throughout the UAE. We make sure that all your goods are delivered right on time in finest condition.
Different types of chiller trucks we offer are:
1. Isuzu chiller truck of 1-ton, 3.5-tons, 10-tons for rent
2. Mitsubishi canter chiller truck for rent
3. Big trailer truck for movie center and rent
4. Temperature controller bread delivery for café
5. Chiller truck rental -18 degrees chilled product for rent
6. Chiller truck and fridge truck for small business delivery.
For further information regarding the booking and specifications of the trucks feel free to contact us. Our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with all your problems and queries.
The chill freeze company also has the options of the food truck rental and the freezer truck rental. you also have the option to choose the chiller truck rental for frozen goods such as meat and poultry.
We assure you that we offer the best rates all over the UAE. For chiller truck rental and further details feel free to contact us and our representatives will be available to help you. We never compromise on the quality of service that we provide. We have the finest vehicles and the greatest team on board to provide you with the best service and assist you with all your queries.


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