Refrigerated Van / Truck

Refrigerated Van

The Chill Freeze company operates throughout the UAE to provide you the best transportation services among all our competitors. We offer a variety of refrigerated and chiller vans to choose from, according to the specifications and requirements of your cargo.

Some goods are not needed to be transported in the freezing temperatures. They need a moderate temperature to stay fresh. Our Refrigerated vans are the best options for such goods.

Our vans are equipped with an advanced cooling system to make sure that required temperature is maintained throughout the van. The microprocessor cooling system helps to avoid complications such as cooling failures.

Inside the vans, a temperature between 0 degrees to 5 degrees is maintained. These refrigerated vans are ideal for those goods that require a cooling temperature such as food items, fresh vegetables, poultry, fish, fresh meat, some medicines, etc. The temperature-controlled environment of the trailer helps in keeping the products fresh and make sure that their quality is maintained throughout. Hence, we deliver the items in perfect condition.

CDL drivers appreciate all the remarkable features of these vans including automatic transmission, power steering, side cargo door for easy loading capabilities, etc.
We offer the most reasonable rates in the UAE. Feel free to contact us for further queries. Our representatives will be available to answer all your questions.


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