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Affordable freezer van services in the UAE

Looking for an efficient way to transport perishable goods? Look no more! Chill Freeze has the solution to all your cargo problems. We offer a variety of refrigerated transports for goods that are temperature sensitive and needed to be carried at precise temperatures.

Our vans are equipped with a modern and advance microprocessor-controlled cooling system to ensure that temperature is conserved throughout the van. The cooling system keeps the temperature between 25 degrees to -13 degrees. Aside from a simple insulation system, our vans have a special mechanical cooling system to sustain the cold temperature.

Maintaining temperature is the top priority in keeping the goods fresh and to retain their integrity. Our freezer vans keep your products within the required temperature range so that they are delivered to your doorsteps as fresh as new. We also have vans with the eutectic freezer that are widely used for transportation of products like ice-cream, frozen yogurts, etc.

The goal of the chill freeze is to never compromise on the quality of service so you can trust us with your goods. We also offer the best rates throughout the UAE. Feel free to contact us for further details and our representatives will be available to help you.


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